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Lear király (1970) r.: Peter Brook / Peter Brook’s King Lear (1970)

Utolsó vetítéséhez érkezet a Shakescreen, a Petőfi Irodalmi Múzeum, a British Council, a Magyar Shakespeare Bizottság és a Pázmány Péter Katolikus Egyetem Angol-Ameriai Intézetének igazi filmes csemegéket bemutató közös sorozata. Negyedikként a kortárs színház egyik legnagyobbja, Peter Brook Shakespeare interpretációját vetítjük. Bevezetőt tart és a vetítés utáni beszélgetést vezeti: Dr. Sam Gilchrist Hall a British Council tanára, Shakespeare-szakértő.

Mind a felvezetés és beszélgetés, mind a filmek angol nyelvűek. A program ingyenes, Támogató: British Film Institute

This fourth screening marks the end of Shakescreen Film Club, the jointly launched tribute to Shakespeare’s legacy by the Petőfi Literary Museum, the British Council, the Institute of British-American Studies of Péter Pázmány Catholic University and the Hungarian Shakespeare Committee.

Join us for the screening of iconic 1970 King Lear by the legendary theatre director Peter Brook. Dr Sam Gilchrist Hall, teacher at the British Council and Shakespeare expert will hold an exciting introduction and answer your questions after the film. In English, Entry free, Courtesy of the British Film Institute

 “Brook’s King Lear: ‘Where the hope grows coldest’?

Although a tale in which an old man is betrayed by his daughters and forced out into the cold of a storm could never be described as pleasant, Peter Brook's magnificent 1971 version of Shakespeare's King Lear magnifies the profoundly disturbing aspects of the original. Set in the featureless wilderness of Jutland, this film offers a post-apocalyptic vision of a world and a society completely destroyed by ambition, cruelty and jealousy – a vision, in other words, of the mutually assured destruction that was an all too present possibility for the film’s Cold War audience. In Brook’s blood stained universe, the good and the bad are slaughtered indiscriminately: 'As flies to wanton boys, are we to the gods. / They kill us for their sport'. And as the Kingdom crumbles, there is no possibility for redemption.” Dr Sam Gilchrist Hall

Peter Brook directs his own adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic tragedy. King Lear (Paul Scofield), having decided to split his kingdom between his three daughters, decides to apportion the lands according to which daughter declaims her love for him best. When his daughter Cordelia refuses to flatter her father’s ego with claims of devotion, Lear angrily gives the lion’s share of his power to her sisters, Goneril and Regan. They soon abuse this trust, and Lear finds himself emasculated and powerless. Before long he is drifting into madness, as his former empire falls apart.

Each screening starts with an introduction by an invited expert and is followed by an open discussion.

2016. December 13. 19.00