Education Lectures / Guided Tours

The content of the section "Learning" was translated  by Domokos Iványi

About Us 

The task of a museum is to make the act of asking questions an ingenuous and invincible habit of us.

(more or less) István Örkény


What is our goal?

We believe that discovering, investigation, the ability of noticing miracles, the joy of understanding correlations, and experiencing the variety of different opinions and ways of thinking are all really important factors of our lives.

For us the museum is a place of constant experimenting and learning. A complex medium which gives us new and new perspectives in order to read texts, spaces, artist biographies, personalities, museum and literature in a rather different way.


All of us in each exhibition gives museum education lectures/leads guided tours.


If any topic/initiation/event made you interested do not hesitate to write us!

Anna Czékmány, – underprivileged young adults

Anna Kádár, – talented young adults

Judit Kodolányi, – events for teachers, vocational trainings

Diána Sóki, –  events for adults (guided tours both in the exhibitions and in the city)