Aliens - A museological training

“There, that’s what I have been telling you all along. We are all just walking museum exhibits.” Dubravka Ugrešić: The Museum of Unconditional Surrender

The Petőfi Museum of Literature announces a compact series of museological workshops that are open to anyone who experiences / has ever experienced being a stranger, an outsider, an alien in a foreign or unfamiliar environment (such as long-term visitors, emigrants, travellers, or anyone who is open to meditate on the notion of being an outsider). We are welcoming our participants to explore the perception of difference, the heterogeneity of identity, and the problems of longing and belonging. With the help of some powerful literary texts, we are encouraging the use of museological practises in our workshops, such as working with objects and co-creating exhibitions. Each workshop will be based on literary texts. Some of the authors are Dubravka Ugresic, Miklós Mészöly, W. G. Sebald, Mihály Vörösmarty, and others.


Why participate?

  • You can be part of a community where people can think together about thought-provoking questions of identity and alienness.

  • You can  learn creative and exciting tools for curating museological collections and exhibition making.

  • You can experience the power of self-expression while working collectively.

Who can participate?

  • The program is mostly targeted at expats living in Hungary, but we welcome anyone who is eager to explore conflicting notions of identity and belonging,

  • who preferably shares the passion for literature and is an eager museum-goer,

  • who is comfortable with the use of English,

  • and who is available for all our workshops.

Address: 1053 Budapest Magyar u. 12-14.


Interested? Please, fill out this form to apply for our training.